Schachner Solar Cooker

COOKING and GRILLING with the power of the sun!

Enjoy the advantages of grilling with our Solar Cooker without unpleasant production of smoke! Useable for smoke-free grilling, cooking, backing and deep-frying - Everything is possible!

Bring the Solar Cooker into line with the sun, put sundry cookware onto the holder and here we go! You receive ideal and fast cooking or grilling results when you use cookware with dark bottom.

Your meals will be in a minimum of time ready due to the reflector which has an diameter of 1,5m. Exact alignment of the Solar Cooker is possible very quick and easy due to the filed metal construction. With aid of the enclosed cover sheeting you protect your Solar Cooker from environmental influences and you also protect the environment from reflections. The delivery of the Solar Cooker happens fragmented in a carton including cover sheeting and user manual.


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