energy supply

A wind power station supplies electrical power according to the wind force without being affected by the time of day, time of year, or the position of the sun. If wind conditions are good your wind power station can generate the required electrical power and feed any electric current you do not need into the power grid of the energy suppliers for an agreed chargeback rate.

The structure of the Schachner small wind power stations is very low-maintenance because gear units or hydraulic control sections or unnecessary electronic contacts, etc. have not been installed. These small wind power stations are available with 800 W, 5 kW, 10 kW, 20 kW or 30 kW power so that a planned system can be adapted to the necessary power requirements in each case.

technical feature

Here are a few features that make our small wind power stations SW5 and SW10 one of the best worldwide functioning systems:
  • Speed control by means of centrifugal weights and return springs (No hydraulics or electrics).
  • No gear units, thus less friction loss and less noise.
  • No gearwheel replacement (wear), thus very low service and maintenance expenditure.
  • No oil change, no oil filter change, no danger due to leaking oil.
  • Optimally adjusted inverter with a simple design and a long service life
  • Downwind turbine, the wind blows over the generator from behind. No vane or electric yaw system necessary as the wind turns the generator automatically in the direction of the wind.

The synchronous generator

The stator has a 16-pole, 3-phase winding; the rotor is equipped with high-performance neodymium iron boron magnets. The generator is mounted on two optimally dimensioned ball bearings, has no carbon brushes, is produced pursuant to protection class IP54 and is maintenance-free. The current from the generator is conducted through the mast to the ground. The wind blowing from behind holds the wind turbine in the optimal direction and constantly realigns its. There are only three generously dimensioned carbon brushes in the wind turbine nacelle. These serve to transport the generated energy downwards. The service life is approximately 15 years. The complete system is hot-dip galvanized and protected against corrosion.



  • 3-phase feed-in with SMA inverter for SW5 and SW10
  • automatic adjustment to the wind turbine performance
  • special characteristic curve for speed monitoring
  • high service life

The blades

With a tip speed ratio of more than 0.4 and a noise level of less than 35 db at 5 kW and 47 db at 10 kW (at 40 m distance), the blades have been aerodynamically optimised for an improved performance. Special fibre-glass reinforced blades guarantee greatest stability and a reliable function at high wind velocities. The centrifugal force governor automatically controls the storm protection and the speed control. During standstill, the blade position is adjusted so that the wind turbine can start easily. The specially sealed blade surface prevents the formation of ice.
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